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Thomasville Youth Center

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Our Thomasville Youth Center strives to make everyday count for members, especially those who need us most. Our goal is to ensure that all children ages 6-12 who walk through our doors achieve academic success in school, develop good character and citizenship, and live healthier, more active lifestyles. While there are success stories to tell virtually every day our Clubs are open, it is necessary to demonstrate our impact through research and evaluation.

The following information provides a snapshot of impact we are making in the lives of youth through our programs and services provided daily in our Clubs. We are pleased to share with you the results of our participation in the 2013 National Youth Outcomes Initiative where Youth Center members ages 9-12 responded anonymously to a survey in the spring of 2014 on how well they are doing in our programs in three critical focus areas – Academic Success, Good Character & Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles.


Academic Success

96% are on grade level.
90% plan to attend college.
96% plan to complete high school.
94% said they have received mostly As, Bs and/or Cs in school.
93% view schooling as important.


Good Character & Citizenship

97% believe leadership within the club is good.
90% believe the Club is teaching them the importance of civic responsibility and concern for community.


Healthy Lifestyles

78% engage in some physical activity three or more days per week.
4%  do not engage in physical activity.
78% intake at least one or more dairy products per day.


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